TP-LINK Router Configuration

1. Plug the power cable to the router. You should see the Power LED at the front turn green now.
2. Plug the network cable of Sky Broadband Router/Device to the WAN port. Next, take the patch cable and plug one end of it to the LAN port of the Router and other end to the Network Card of the computer.
3 Next, open the Web Browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer etc) and type the Default IP address of the router ( or in the address bar.
4. It will ask for Router's default “Username” and “Password”. Please check back of Router there will be provide Username as “admin” and Password as “admin”.
5. After providing username and password, Click on “OK” button
6. Next, Router configuration page will be displayed.
7. Now, click on "Network" option from menu on left. Then choose "pppoe/russia pppoe" from wan connection type. Then Type your username and password as provided by Sky Broadband
8. Select the "Wireless" option from menu on left. Type the desired name for wireless and click save.

9. Select the "Wireless Security" option from menu on left. Choose WPA/WPA2 -personal(recommended). Type your desired password. Click Save.
 10. After Click on Save Button. Please restart your Router by clicking on reboot button.