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Fair Usage Policy

What is Fair Usage Policy?

Fair Usage Policy, simply means fair use of internet connection or broadband services. The FUP is a type of data limitation that is imposed by the broadband company on its user tariffs to avoid unnecessary load on its internet network. It is a part of rule / terms and conditions or terms of use made by Internet operator.

Why is Fair Usage Policy used?

This policy is made effective to all of Sky Broadband’s internet plans to provide the reliable and high-quality service to our customers. This policy is intended to provide 100% privacy and security of our customers. With this policy Sky Broadband seeks to address any imbalance in the upload and download speed and give all customers the opportunity to experience the network in the same way.

If client’s usage seems to be very high and crosses a certain cap as decided by Sky Broadband, exceeding the given bandwidth, Sky Broadband reserves the right to significantly reduce internet speed without notice as well as restrict or terminate the service without notice if necessary.

We consider unreasonable unlimited internet use to occur when usage activity adversely affects any part of Sky Broadband’s network, adversely affects our ability to provide our services or adversely affects the ability of other Sky Broadband customers to use a service.

Cases that can caused Fair Usage Policy
  • Unusual or heavy downloads.
  • Downloading and uploading heavy files, affecting the normal internet bandwidth.
  • Sharing of secondary link with multiple users consuming high data.
  • Viruses and Malicious activities which can easily hijack the device to send and receive data without even knowing.
FUP data limit

FUP data limit is a allotted limit of data usage in each plan. Before FUP you get higher speed (as per your plan) and after you cross monthly allowed data Limit or FUP, your broadband bandwidth will slow down to a lower speed (as per your plan). For example you are using 60 Mbps bandwidth till FUP of 100 GB and FUP capping of 5 Mbps, then after you cross this FUP limit, your internet will run on bandwidth of 5 Mbps unlimited. In very simple words, this type of plan will let you enjoy internet speed of 60 Mbps till FUP limit of 100 GB and when your cross this FUP capping limit of 100 GB data, your speed will slow down to 5 Mbps till unlimited usage, but you will not be charged anything extra.