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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got any queries? We’ve put together a list of the most common questions below.

There are various reasons which might affect your internet experience via Wi-Fi. Among which maximum devices connected at the same time or real time bandwidth consumption could be one of the major reasons.

More often internet might be slow due to longer session time which can be resolved by reboot option available in the router.

Another reason for internet slow might be due to latency between the devices and router. Latency might be due to the distance between the devices connected and the router or due to signal interference.

To upgrade/ change your current package, you can contact us at 01-5971300 or via Facebook:
or website:

You can also visit your nearest branch office to upgrade or change your current package.

You can simply make online payment or you can visit nearest SkyBroadband branch.

All the New offers will be posted in our Facebook page:

You can also find out from our website:

You can make a call to us at 01-5971300 to find about new schemes and plans.

If there is no internet connection, you can check your router status and try rebooting router once.

You can make a call to Sky Broadband at 01-5971300

For any kind of physical issues like router offline, fiber wire broken, router damaged etc you will get field support/assistance/visit.

You can check plans and pricing via our website.

You can visit our SkyBroadband office.

You can make a call to us at 01-5971300.

You can chat via Facebook:
or website:

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Got a question about Sky Broadband internet, or need support with your order? We would be happy to assist you to meet all your requirements.


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