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Suman Lal Pradhan

Internet has become one of the basic needs of today’s modern society. It can contribute a significant amount to a nation’s GDP growth if it is accessible to every person in the country.

Sky Broadband will do its best to contribute to meeting our nation’s target to minimize the digital divide by increasing broadband penetration in the country. Being a firm in the private sector, we will always be happy to share the work to meet the targets as set and sought by National Broadband Policy -2016.

The focus on broadband development will be effective and complete only when we are able to develop all the elements of the broadband ecosystem side-by-side. Infrastructure (Networks) and Content (Applications) are the main forces shaping the fixed-line broadband ecosystem in Nepal. It is very important to make the Internet affordable even to low-income people. This is a major challenging task for the service provider because of the repeated investment in infrastructure development. Sky Broadband will promote infrastructure sharing and co-branding sales with the concerned stakeholders in the country. This will further contribute to the clean city movement of local government as well.

Although Sky Broadband concentrates on the development of networks, it will partner with other agencies to develop and promote content and applications. Online protection is another important factor to keep the ecosystem healthy, up and running. Sky Broadband will do its best to bundle up its services with security tools to make the Internet safe for all.

Our company is new but our staff are highly passionate and have unparalleled expertise in the technology field. We provide equal opportunity and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, or marital status. We need people with vision and insight and who believe in a collaborative effort.

Our goal is to become “the most admired company of the industry in the country”. We work with passion towards technological advancement not just for collecting paychecks. Our team keeps abreast with the latest development in technology. Knowledge and exposure to the subject matter will be blended with the zeal to provide the services with the greatest satisfaction to our customers and to grow fast in the market to achieve a respected amount of market share in the industry. For the good cause, we expect to be blessed by all.

Suman Lal Pradhan

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