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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions listed below are subject to change. We may change any terms, conditions, rates, fees, expenses, or charges regarding CUSTOMER’s Service at any time. We also reserve the right to modify or discontinue the Service, temporarily or permanently. We will provide CUSTOMER with notice of material changes via CUSTOMER’s registered account e-mail address. It is CUSTOMER’s responsibility to check for any such notices. CUSTOMER’s continued subscription to the Service after the effective date of the change constitutes CUSTOMER’s acceptance of such changes.

    A. General

    • Residential Use Only: Unless otherwise permitted by Sky Broadband in writing, Sky Broadband Home Package is only available to customers for residential use and shall not be resold or used for business purpose. Sky Broadband reserves the right to terminate service if the CUSTOMER is found doing so. Sky Broadband does not allow billing in company name for residential packages.
    • Registration and Documentation: CUSTOMER confirms that they are:
      (i) 18 years or older, if an individual, or,
      (ii) be a corporation, partnership, or other legal entity duly formed (and incorporated if applicable) in good standing where required to do business with all legal authority and power to accept this Agreement and acting through CUSTOMER’s duly authorized representative.
      CUSTOMER must submit
      (i) If an individual, a copy of Citizenship/Passport/Driving License and two recent passport size photos
      (ii) if an institution, a copy of Company Registration and PAN/VAT Registration. CUSTOMER confirms that all information provided to Sky Broadband is accurate including name, address and documents submitted. CUSTOMER is responsible for keeping all registration data accurate and must contact Sky Broadband to update any changes with supporting documentation.
    • IP Address: Unless otherwise specified, Sky Broadband Home Internet packages are provided with Private IP.
    • Sky Broadband exercises no control whatsoever over the content of the information passing through its network. Sky Broadband makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing. Sky Broadband also disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Sky Broadband will not be responsible for any damage CUSTOMER suffers. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, miss-deliveries, or service interruptions caused by its own negligence or CUSTOMER’s errors or omissions. Use of any information obtained by Sky Broadband’s network is at CUSTOMER’s own risk. Sky Broadband specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its services.
    • Sky Broadband’s network may only be used for lawful purposes. Transmission of any material in violation of any Nepal law or foreign laws or regulations is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyright material, material legally judged to be threatening or obscene, or material protected by trade secret law. CUSTOMER agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Sky Broadband from any claims resulting from CUSTOMER’s use of the service which damages CUSTOMER or another party. The CUSTOMER shall solely bear all consequences and responsibilities for any kind of illegal activities conducted via internet.
    • No Resale: The CUSTOMER should not resell or re-distribute internet services without written permission from Sky Broadband. The link can only be used for CUSTOMER’s usage and cannot be provided for use to any other individual/s or party/ies. Sky Broadband shall not be held responsible for anyway if there are any unlawful activities of customers of CUSTOMER. Any consequences resulting from redistribution/illegal use shall be borne by CUSTOMER. Sky Broadband reserves the right to deny or terminate service immediately if the same is found.
    • The CUSTOMER have to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Government of Nepal. If the CUSTOMER is found to be involved in activities that violate the rules, the service shall be terminated immediately without any prior notice. The CUSTOMER shall be solely responsible for such violations.
    • Operational Limits/Force Majeure: Neither party shall be liable to the other under this Agreement for any failure in performance that is due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of nature, governmental actions, fires, and civil disturbances, interruption of power or transportation problems.
    • Sky Broadband is committed to providing reliable and high quality internet connectivity to the CUSTOMER. The link shall be provided 24 hours. Sky Broadband makes no warranties or representations that any Service will be uninterrupted or error-free. The CUSTOMER accepts all Services provided hereunder “as is” without warranty of any kind.
    • Speed: Sky Broadband guarantees latency and speed within its own backbone and access network through direct-wired connection only. The speeds CUSTOMER have signed up to be the optimum network speed under normal operating conditions. Actual speeds could be less due to factors like upstream provider constraints, internet site specific issues, line quality & length, exchange type, quality of wireless device, distance from server, customer premises interference, and traffic, number of device/users, customer device performance, hardware and software. Sky Broadband’s service is designed to provide CUSTOMER with the highest speed available from the network at any given point in time, subject to the factors including but not limited to the above that may not be directly controllable by Sky Broadband.

    B. Service/Package

    • Internet package price is inclusive of Telecommunication Service Charge and Basic Support Service charge. Basic Support charge consists of 24×7 phone support and service maintenance up to Client Optical Termination Box.
    • Payment: The service is pre-paid. Payment for the package subscribed must be made in full before service can be used. Non-payment will result in automatic service suspension until full-payment is received.
    • Package Renewal: The CUSTOMER can renew their service package themselves via Sky Broadband Customer Portal and can pay package amount online or in person within two days of renewal. Non-payment of renewal amount will result in automatic service suspension until full-payment.
    • Package Expiry: If the CUSTOMER fails to renew the service before its expiration, Sky Broadband has the right to automatically discontinue the service without prior notice.
    • Package Upgrade: CUSTOMER may upgrade their package in the middle of their subscription; however, package change charges will apply.
    • Data usage: Data usage will be calculated via the cumulative sum of total data usage, upload and download. Unused data will not be carried over to next renewal.
    • Service Contract: Service contract shall remain valid till the service/package is active.
    • Service Transfer: The service provided is for exclusive use by CUSTOMER and it may not be assigned, transferred or shared with any other without prior written consent of Sky Broadband and the receiving party. Service Transfer charges will be applicable as per company policy.
    • Pausing Service: Sky Broadband will not hold the account of the CUSTOMER in the service duration and is not liable to reimburse the amount of unused service at any later date.
    • Service Termination: If CUSTOMER does not renew package for more than 2 weeks after current package expiration, Sky Broadband reserves the right to terminate the service and disconnect physical fiber connection.
    • Service Re-activation: Regular installation charges shall be applicable if the CUSTOMER chooses to re-activate the service after service termination.
    • Relocation Policy: Relocation of service is subject to Sky Broadband’s fiber network coverage and availability. CUSTOMER shall provide at least 15 working days prior notice for relocation. Relocation charges will apply as per company’s current policy.

    C. Support Service

    • Phone Support: Sky Broadband shall provide Internet support 24×7 via telephone.
    • On-site Support: On-site support, if deemed necessary, shall be attended within 48 hours. Charges may apply for on-site support as per company policy.
    • Additional charges may apply as per company policy for equipment/parts, last mile fiber cable and accessory replacements.
    • Service Demarcation Point: Service demarcation point is the ONU Device provided by Sky Broadband. Sky Broadband shall be responsible for internet connectivity up to the Service Demarcation Point only.
    • Installation/Setup: Sky Broadband shall provide one time setup and primary router configuration service. Internal networking will not be the responsibility of Sky Broadband.

    D. Access & Equipment Ownership and Warranties:

    • Access & Installation of Equipment: CUSTOMER will provide Sky Broadband and its subcontractors with reasonable access to their premises in order to install, maintain, and repair the Service. CUSTOMER understands and agrees that Sky Broadband may drill, cut, and otherwise alter improvements on the premises (including walls, flooring, and/or other surfaces) in order to install, maintain, or repair the Service. If CUSTOMER does not own the premises, CUSTOMER warrants that they have obtained permission from any necessary party, including but not limited to the owner, landlord, or building manager, to allow Sky Broadband and its subcontractors reasonable access to install, maintain, and repair the Service and to make any alterations Sky Broadband deems appropriate for the work to be performed.
    • Cable Installation and Inside Wiring: CUSTOMER will be responsible for ensuring feasibility of extending Sky Broadband cables from nearest Sky Broadband distribution point to the necessary devices at their location. This includes having necessary poles/wire access.
    • Cable Installation and Inside Wiring: CUSTOMER will be responsible for ensuring feasibility of extending Sky Broadband cables from nearest Sky Broadband distribution point to the necessary devices at their location. This includes having necessary poles/wire access.
    • Sky Broadband will not be responsible for any beautification during cable installation process for both fiber and Ethernet. This means Sky Broadband will not be responsible for clipping wires on walls, hiding the cables, installing cables through false ceiling/docks/underground wiring systems, or installing wire ducts. Sky Broadband will be extending cables to the necessary devices only.
    • Cable charges and installation charges will be applicable as per company policy.
    • ONU (Optical Network Unit): ONU device shall be provided on rental basis and will be the property of Sky Broadband. CUSTOMER should return the ONU device upon discontinuation of Sky Broadband link. Refundable deposit will be returned to CUSTOMER after working ONU device with original receipt is returned to the company.
    • ONU Warranty: Sky Broadband provides 6 months warranty on ONU against manufacturing and software defects. Any damage caused to device by activities not covered by warranty is chargeable at full price of the device.
    • Other Equipment: Any other equipment installed at CUSTOMER premises by Sky Broadband, but not sold to the CUSTOMER, shall remain the property of Sky Broadband. If any equipment under Sky Broadband ownership is damaged, mishandled, destroyed, lost or stolen while in CUSTOMER’s premises, the CUSTOMER shall be liable for the cost of repair or replacement of the equipment. Other equipment includes patch cable and FTTH terminal box.
    • Wi-Fi Router Policy: Sky Broadband shall only act as reseller for any routers sold through Sky Broadband. For any defects or support related to router, CUSTOMER should directly contact related brand’s service centre.
      CUSTOMER should confirm purchase of router before their scheduled installation/set-up date. Wi-Fi- routers provided/sold by Sky Broadband will include warranty period as per the router’s brand. Once sold, return of routers will not be entertained. Sky Broadband will not be responsible in providing any support related issues of routers.
    • Return of Equipment: Except as otherwise provided, Sky Broadband Equipment must be returned to Sky Broadband undamaged, within twenty-one (21) calendar days after CUSTOMER’s Service is terminated for any reason. If equipment is not returned within twenty-one (21) calendar days, or is returned damaged, CUSTOMER will be charged in full for the equipment. We may retain any advance payment or deposit, or portion thereof that previously had not been refunded, if CUSTOMER fail to return the Sky Broadband Equipment within this time period.
    • Equipment retrieval: If the service is terminated for any reason, Sky Broadband shall uninstall and take back its belongings from the CUSTOMER’s premises. The CUSTOMER agrees to provide Sky Broadband unhindered access to uninstall the equipment within its premises for this purpose. In case of theft and/or loss or damage of the installed equipment owned by Sky Broadband, CUSTOMER agrees to reimburse Sky Broadband for the full value of the missing equipment.

    E. Refund Policy

    • Sky Broadband has a strict no refund policy for payments other than the deposit amount collected for devices provided to the CUSTOMER.

    F. Fair usage Policy

    • This policy is applicable to all of Sky Broadband’s internet plans. This policy is aimed to ensure Sky Broadband is able to provide quality internet services to all our customers, and no customers are disadvantaged by the behavior of others.
      If CUSTOMER uses Sky Broadband’s services to what is deemed to be unreasonable, Sky Broadband reserves the right to significantly reduce internet speed without notice as well as restrict or terminate the service without notice if necessary.
      We consider unreasonable unlimited internet use to occur when usage activity adversely affects any part of Sky Broadband’s network, adversely affects our ability to provide our services or adversely affects the ability of other Sky Broadband customers to use a service. For more details please visit