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  • All prices listed above are subject to 13% VAT.
  • Above mentioned prices are for annual subscription only.
  • Router rental charge of Rs. 2000 and Security Deposit of Rs. 2000 will be applicable for all connections.
  • Rs. 2000 activation charge and Rs. 500 Security deposit for each Set Top box will be applicable extra if TV services are also required.
  • All the devices are rental only and should be returned if the service is terminated.
  • Refundable deposit will be returned only upon returning the devices in working condition.
  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is applicable for all residential packages.
  • Only 5 meter Ethernet cable is provided for free during installation. Extra Ethernet cable charge of Rs. 30 per meter will be applicable.
  • Sky Broadband guarantees latency and speed within its own backbone and access network through direct-wired connection only.
  • For all Terms & Conditions please visit